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This web site was built for and by online members of Local 1456 It is in no part an official web site of
Dockbuilders Local 1456 NYC

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Our aim will be to promote and protect the interest of the membership, to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of all working men and women, to assist each other
in sickness and distress.

To discourage piecework, to encourage apprenticeship and higher standard of skill, to cultivate a feeling of friendship and to assist each other in securing employment.

To aid and assist all organizations to uphold the dignity of labor, resist oppression by peaceful and honorable means.

To hold it as a sacred principle that union members, above all others, should set a good example as true and faithful workmen. Performing their duties to their employer with honor to themselves and to their organization.

We resent the principle of open shop association and will continually strive for the enactment of legislation, which will enable us to achieve our objectives.

Realizing that a blow at one organization is a blow to all, therefore it shall be our duty, as union members, to purchase union-made goods and patronize union shops and business establishments whenever possible to do so.

So, with these aims and principles in mind, we, the Dockbuilders. Pier Carpenters, Shorers, House Movers, Pile Drivers, Divers. Tenders and Foundation and Marine Constructors of the vicinity of New York and New Jersey, affiliate ourselves as an organization that shall be known as Local Union 1456 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the United Brotherhood.


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