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District Council Picketing Incentive Program

1)   Member must be on the out-of-work list.

2)   Member must register as a volunteer picket.

3)   Member will be called for picket duty by a Business Agent or an Organizer.

4)   Member will sign in with a Business Agent or Organizer on that Job Site for that day.

5)   Attendance will be kept by the Organizer or Business Agent in charge of the Picket Line. The attendance form will be signed by the members on that line and also by the Agent or Organizer in charge.

6)   All attendance forms will be faxed to the District Council for filing into the data bank.

7)   The District Council will keep attendance records of all Picket Duty.

8)   When a Picket Line is successful, (either a contractor signs with the District Council or a signatory takes over that particular site), the Business Agent or Organizer will call the District Council and request the atten­dance form of city wide picketers. The member with the most attendance and if he or she has the required skills will be given preference toga to work on that job site.

9)   All Picket Duty will be supervised by the District Council. The Secretary - Treasurer/Business Manager or his or her designee shall administer the Picket Duty and is authorized to exercise his or her discretion. In an event a decision must be made on any administrative or procedural question that might arise that is not spe­cifically provided for in these rules.

10) A member can refuse work Picket Preference.

11) Member must report job start date to central dispatch and the 11 day rule will be in effect (Note: This is a District Council Job Referral).

12.) All job referral work rules are in effect.