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American Concrete Institute

American Welding Society LinkBelt
Bay Tech (Pneumatic Tools) Manitowoc
Berminghammer MRE
Coast Guard Auxiliary's national Web site NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCIAL DIVERS
Commercial Diving Directory Net Knots
Concrete Pumps Niosh Publications
Construction Products Search Engine OSHA
Construction Robotics Group OSHA Pile driving equipment. - 1926.603
Crosby Pile driving Contractors
Dayton/Richmond Concrete Accessories Pilebuck
DiveWeb Pileco
Diving Pipeline Online
EFCO Forms Port Authority
Fibre-metal Riggers Page
Hercules Machinery Corporation Ropers Knots Page
Hilti Stihl
Hoisting and Rigging Symons Forms
Ingersoll-Rand The Pile Driving Contractors Association
Ingram Equipment Wire Rope Manufacturers
JACKSON (welding supply)  
Jinnings Equipment  
Ken-Jet Corporation  
Pipeline Online The Pile Driving Contractors Association
Pileco JACKSON (welding supply)
Berminghammer MRE            
Pilebuck Ingram Equipment
Niosh Publications Ken-Jet Corporation
Symons        Links* Bay Tech (Pneumatic Tools)
Construction Robotics Group DiveWeb                          
Hercules Machinery Corporation Coast Guard Auxiliary's national Web site
Ingersoll-Rand Commercial Diving Directory
Junttan Fibre-metal
Jinnings Equipment Dayton/Richmond Concrete Accessories
Net Knots OSHA Pile driving equipment. - 1926.603
Ropers Knots Page Riggers Page

Crane Accidents

The Wave Equation Page --an interesting page for pile drivers it has a special section on Vulcan Iron Works Inc. which was sold to Cari Capital Company in 1996:

Vulcan On Shore Manual Vulcan Off Shore Manual

The manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format; you may need to
click here to download Adobe Acrobat before proceeding



Union Contractors Online
Underpinning Hayward Baker Conti Corp.
Skanska Treviicos Weeks Marine
Terra Firma Modern Continental Simpson and Brown
  Marmer brothers  

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Phases of a Construction Project

1.  Enthusiasm
2.  Disillusionment
3.  Panic
4.  Search for the Guilty
5.  Punishment of the innocent
6.  Praise and Honors for the Nonparticipants

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